Houssem Klai

Houssem klai
Brand / Graphic Design, Illustration, UI / Visual Design

Over the past 8 years, as a designer, I’ve worked with big companies and up-and-coming startups to successfully help them reach their full potential and attract new customers.


Fresco is a Juice bar based in a small town in Tunisia.

Dr Food Noodles

Dr Food is a renowned F&B company based in Lebanon that has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality and delicious food products.

Will be availble soon


Beem is the all-in-one mobility app.


Aura is a SaaS StartUp.

Branding / Web Design&Dev


Logofolio 2022

Logo creation of 2022.

Juris Consult

Branding /website

Energy bar
Will be availble soon

Bold Packaging

Beem is an energy bar

People of Growth


Statut : In progress